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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga

Welcome to Spartan Mind Strength- Home of Paleo Ayurveda & Spartan Yoga-  20ish min podcast. Ancestral Sciences such as Paleo Ayurveda and Greek Medicine, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Breathwork, Stoicism, Tantra and Upanishads. From the novice to the expert. Find us on all major platforms, including iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

We found that in order to give you even better content through our podcast we need to create series instead of stand alone episodes. First series starts on January 9.  - Tim and Vie

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Sep 12, 2019


  • Tim tells another story of way back when
  • When the sacral chakra is working right, the state of flow kicks in
  • When in the state of flow, you "just know"
  • How quickly you can lose the state of flow
  • The second chakra (aka sacral chakra) is called svadisthana in Sanskrit, pronounced svaadisthaana
  • Episode 44 is all about how to support your sacral chakra: The Sacral Chakra & Your Mind In A Non-FooFoo Way
  • You trust to eliminate using your first chakra and you trust to create using your second chakra
  • Meditation can be structured or non-structured
  • Non-structured meditation is any repetitive action that helps you get out of your own head, i.e. reduce the prefrontal cortex activity
  • The Rise of Superman can be found here:
  • The State of Flow is based on modern science, it is not mystical
  • What is your 4%
  • The goal of the 4% is not to help you get more in your head, it’s to get you out of your head head
  • When the second chakra is out of balance, in business it manifests as fear
  • The community that you surround yourself with highly dictates the condition of your first and second chakras
  • When you do not let ideas flow, wealth flow, you create a dam that stops everything
  • If you feel “stuck”, do something completely outside your “normal” that will give you that 4% of a challenge
  • The beginning of the first ever Stand Up Paddle and Yoga Teacher Training
  • If your first and second chakras are working properly, do not second guess the universe or yourself
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