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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga

Welcome to Spartan Mind Strength- Home of Paleo Ayurveda & Spartan Yoga-  20ish min podcast. Ancestral Sciences such as Paleo Ayurveda and Greek Medicine, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Breathwork, Stoicism, Tantra and Upanishads. From the novice to the expert. Find us on all major platforms, including iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

We found that in order to give you even better content through our podcast we need to create series instead of stand alone episodes. First series starts on January 9.  - Tim and Vie

P.S. If you are registered with YA or AAPNA you can get CEUs by listening to the podcast and completing the corresponding test.

P.P.S. We are listener supported. Send us your feedback and show ideas. Email  Thank you for listening and sharing our shows!

Oct 25, 2018


- Bridge for Butt vs Wasted Wheel

- The Chuck Norris Dog vs A Pretty Dog 

- A Headstand Will Sooner or Later Change Your Perspective; Even if That Means Breaking Your Neck

- Yoga Derangement

- The Grounding Effect

- Do You Feel Like a Number?


- Raja Ayurveda's Training Library:

Oct 18, 2018


- Why All Vinyasa Flow Teachers Do Not Know Yoga

- Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say ‘Yes’

- The Subtleties of The Sanskrit Language

- Are You Unknowingly Buying Poop?

- When Bliss Becomes Misery

- The Wisdom of Ren and Stimpy

- The Most Important Person of Contemporary Yoga

- Is This A Friendly Universe?

Oct 11, 2018

Brought to you by the Sun.

— The Three of the Four Sisters
— Another unfair advantage.
— The days of the week.
— What does not kill you makes you stronger.
— The alpha and the omega of health.
— Yogi not good, mercury bad.
— Don’t just survive, thrive.

The Sun can be found in the sky during certain...