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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga

Welcome to Spartan Mind Strength- Home of Paleo Ayurveda & Spartan Yoga-  20ish min podcast. Every Thursday. Ancestral Sciences such as Paleo Ayurveda and Greek Medicine, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Breathwork, Stoicism, Tantra and Upanishads. From the novice to the expert. Find us on all major platforms, including iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

P.S. If you are registered with YA or AAPNA you can get CEUs by listening to the podcast and completing the corresponding test.

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Sep 19, 2019


  • The third chakra (aka solar plexus chakra) is called manipura in Sanskrit, pronounced manipuura
  • Manipuura translates to “city of gems or precious stones”
  • Episode 45 is about The Solar Plexus and Your Mind In A Non-FooFoo Way. Listen to it here:

Sep 12, 2019


  • Tim tells another story of way back when
  • When the sacral chakra is working right, the state of flow kicks in
  • When in the state of flow, you "just know"
  • How quickly you can lose the state of flow
  • The second chakra (aka sacral chakra) is called svadisthana in Sanskrit, pronounced svaadisthaana
  • Episode 44 is all...

Sep 5, 2019


  • Tim is not singing, he is telling a story of “back in the day”
  • The story is about how the studio ended up owning us and we worked for the studio
  • Always remember, in life and also in business, you can think, you can wait, you can fast
  • The book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse can be found here:

Aug 29, 2019


  • Tim is singing Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys:
  • There are conflicting opinions about whether the Crown Chakra belongs with the previous six chakras or not
  • Sahasraara translates to thousand petals, think of it as infinite possibilities
  • Forcing enlightenment creates unnecessary...

Aug 22, 2019